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Our contact details are as follows:

Whiff of Joy Stamps
Alpstrasse 6
CH-9443 Widnau

NO direct selling at the above adress!

Questions concerning retailing our stamps: 
Concerning sponsorships: Please note that we already planned all sponsorships and promotions for 2013. Due to the fact that we receive hundreds of requests throughout the year, we are not able to accomodate more.

Or you can send us a message using the form below, we will reply as soon as possible.

Please read our Conditions of Use page first to see if your question can easily be answered! It saves you the time to wait for a reply and helps us to ship your orders faster :)
If you have a question regarding shipping of your stamp kit, please take a look at the stamp kit product page, a lot of questions are explained there.
Thank you!

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